The Property Purchase Process Service (The PPP Service)

In France the property purchase process is complicated but if undertaken carefully and with clear knowledge of the various pitfalls, it works well and efficiently.

A key problem however is.......

Who is actually looking after the buyer's interests?

Estate agents have a vested interest in concluding the sale, and the Notaire, whose use is mandatory under French law, does not act in the interests of the buyer or seller, but as an official of the state.

With Pioneer's PPP Service, Pioneer leads the purchaser through the tricky and often administratively fraught property purchase process, from initial interest in a property through to completion and, if required, beyond.

Our PPP Service is offered to any purchaser for any property purchase throughout France. It does not matter how the purchaser sourced the property or whether or not an Estate Agent / Immobilier has been used.

The aim is to ensure a smooth transaction, identifying and dealing with issues before they become problems in key areas such as:-

  • Legal exchange and completion documentation
  • Seller's obligations
  • Buyer's obligations
  • Notary, communal and government requirements
  • Suspensive clauses
  • Mortgage provisions and rules
  • Pre-emptive rights of purchase
  • Rights of way over and use of the property
  • Inheritance and future sale issues
  • Opening the mandatory French Bank Account and services
  • Property Buildings and Contents Insurance
  • Utilities transfers and reassignments
  • Local Tax obligations and transfers - Tax D'habitation and Fonciere

The PPP Service is offered on a fixed fee basis set at 1.00% to 1.50% of the property's purchase price, depending on purchase price level.

If, the property purchase does not complete, the client has the option to seek another property and apply the PPP service to the purchase of that property within one year of entering into the PPP agreement with Pioneer.

CONTACT PIONEER NOW to ensure that your property purchase proceeds smoothly. Let us take the strain so you have peace of mind and can actually enjoy purchasing your French home.

Whether you are starting you property search or have just found your ideal property,